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Men and Women can have different type of body weight and physioloical needs. Read and discover your nutrition profil.

Profile 1

Athletic man


You are very athletic, you practice physical activity regularly, sometimes even good levels of workouts but you do not know how to adapt your diet to your activities. You think your performance could be optimized if you had a diet according to your needs in order to increase level or improve the appearance of your body.


Profile 2

Men with metabolic syndrome


Metabolic syndrome corresponds to the accumulation of three symptoms mentioned below: Excess abdominal fat (waist circumference greater than 90 cm) Excess blood cholesterol Excess blood triglycerides high blood sugar hypertension Typically, the human profile that has a tendency to gain weight in the abdomen, which are feelings of fatigue after a meal, reduced overall tone and has a taste for meats, cold cuts, cheese, alcohol, dishes with sauces. Very often this profile is associated with men from their forties who have strong professional responsibilities.


Profile 2

Curvy woman

Curvy woman is a profile that is divided into 2 categories: Overweight women but with a waist circumference below 80 cm wide and round hips. Overweight women with a lap of greater than or equal to the size hips. In the case where the waist is less than 80 cm but the BMI is over 25, we talk about overweight but with reduced risks to health. The body not feeling in danger then will not see the real need to lose weight, so that in case of regime, the level will be hit soon. In the case in which the waist is greater than 80 cm, and the ratio size / hip is greater than 1 (the size is not marked, as many belly hips), the first thing to do is determine the risk of developing metabolic syndrome. In this case the organization has a real sense of danger and will help liquidate kilos supperflus until he felt better.

Profile 1

Active Woman, Normal BMI


The active woman who shows no medically overweight, with a BMI between 19 and 25 kg / m2 is the profile that most tend to want to lose weight. Indeed, the woman who has this type of morphology will often have trouble differentiating the concept of thinness and of harmonious silhouette. This profile is the one that will most often occur in consultation, preferably a few months before the summer to get a perfect shape for the beach. In 90% of cases, active woman will undergo many plans that will prove unsuccessful and block the metabolism up to face an impossible level to pass. The loss of muscle mass, skin tone and feeling of heaviness go even to escalate the spiral of unhappiness that these people experience. This feeling of "size" that is perceived as the BMI is right is a delusion and you have to work differently to achieve results on the silhouette and not on weight.

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